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Desk Telephone

With access to the PBF subscribers-only Helpdesk, PBF subscribers are able to source advice and information from experienced and knowledgeable representatives pertaining to questions or problems they may have in their business.

It must be noted that the function of the Helpdesk, is as its name suggests - is to help by serving solely as a channel and by directing queries to relevant persons or bodies. The advice received from those outside sources, is up to each person to accept or otherwise.

Typically subscribers contact the Helpdesk with queries related to administrative information regarding their participation in the forum, business related advice, information with regard to government programmes, contact information of departments, agencies, state owned enterprises and municipalities.

Business related advice includes issues such as where to access funding, making contact with experts such as lawyers, labour consultants, etc.

In order to deal with queries and concerns of PBF subscribers as they relate to government departments and agencies, the Helpdesk attempts to encourage interventions aimed at bringing resolution.

We have upgraded our Helpdesk service to be more transparent and inclusive. We have now included a ticketing number system, which will issue numbered tickets to all queries taken, from email, telephonic or dashboard submissions and form comments and queries made within our engagements events.

It also serves as a conduit for relaying policy proposals of PBF subscribers to the decision-making organs of the ANC and government. Proposed regulatory and legislative amendments or proposed improvements in government service delivery processes are channeled to the relevant bodies.

The PBF Helpdesk can be contacted on:

Tel: 010 880 7521


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