Dear Merchandisers.


The spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) has a negative impact in the country and global economy, government has introduced measures and stimulus package to assist business sector during the lockdown period. Part of the measures include relief fund for small business by Department of Small Business and Development.

In line with measures put in place by government, the Progressive Business Forum (PBF) has put in place measures to support the ANC Merchandisers, which include the following:


  1. (All merchandisers that have renewed their permits for 2020, will get an automatic extension of permit till March 2021. New electronic permits with a unique permit code will be issued to all current merchandisers by the end of April 2020.

  2. All merchandisers that have not renewed or applied for their Merchandiser permits will be given until 30 May 2020 amnesty, to renew/apply and with such receive a free permit for 6 months until November 2020.



An amnesty means an indemnity against prosecution for the unlawful production and sale of ANC Merchandise.

The Benefits of Having a permit:


  • In order to be compliant and a legal distributor or producer of ANC Merchandise you MUST have a permit issued by the ANC

  • All ANC structures are mandated to only buy from legal permit holders

  • You will be invited to set up pop up stores at ANC events

  • You will be given support and advise on running your business

  • Free training sessions

  • Regular information on support available for small businesses and informal trading

  • Opportunities to promote your business in various market-places

  • Free showcasing of your products on ANC merchandise Marketplace, with assistance of logistics*

  • Promotion on ANC channels

  • Access to Pantone and logo for correct application on product

*the Merchandising Marketplace is an online platform in development and will be launched in November 2020

The Process of Applying for Amnesty:

Contact via Whatsapp or Email to Ms Zeituna Dauto at zeituna@pbf.org.za or you can whatsapp her at 083 284 2854

Provide the following information.


  1. Company Registration document / If person A 1 pager explaining your business

  2. ID Document

  3. Tax Clearance Certificate

  4. ANC Membership number (we will verify that you are in good standing)

  5. Filled out Permit application form

Existing Permit Holders Relief:

With the COVID19 lockdown, we can fully understand that your business has suffered and has been unable to make money during this people. We have put together a list of documents and forms of various government support schemes that are in place, and through the assistance of the PBF helpdesk we will assist you with your application process.

This service is solely for those existing, registered permit holders and can be accessed through emailing: helpdesk@pbf.org.za or calling CELL: +27 (0) 71 937 2819





Sipho Mbele
Executive Manager: Progressive Business Forum

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