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The Progressive Business Forum is responsible for creating an enabling environment for merchandisers to market and showcase their products with the ANC trademark, in order to sell their products at ANC events and in ANC stores.

Merchandisers are required to pay a subscription fee, in addition, they ought to have a permit to manufacture and/or sell ANC goods or products with the ANC trademark.  There are many benefits for merchandisers who register with the PBF for a permit:

  • They are invited to sell and market their ANC goods/products.

  • Their products are marketed during ANC events.

  • They are able to market their events using the PBF platform.

  • As permit holders, they are given the opportunity to buy ANC products at discounted rates.

  • Merchandisers are provided with basic training on financial management.

A safe place for ANC manufacturers and resellers to network and produce Proudly South African ANC Memorabilia


MANUFACTURERS:  Create or design items and manufacture (submit samples for approval), sell in bulk, open a shop, advertise on the ANC website and sell at events, but at the reseller price.

RESELLERS: Buy in bulk from manufacturers at bulk price.  Resellers are allowed to sell at ANC events or as a day to day business.  All ANC regalia sold by a reseller is pre-approved and must be as per ANC specifications and colours.

Why you should sign up:

  • Compliant and legal distributors or producers of ANC Merchandise will be issued with a permit and ID by the ANC.

  • All ANC structures are mandated to only buy from legal permit holders.

  • You will be given support and advise on running your business.

  • Free training sessions.

  • Regular information on support available for small businesses and informal trading.

  • Opportunities to promote your business in various marketplaces.

  • Free showcasing of your products on ANC Merchandise Marketplace, with assistance of logistics.*

  • Promotion on ANC channels.

  • Access to Pantone and logo for correct application on product.

  • Access to Proudly South African Channels.

  • Access to over 5 000 informal resellers to distribute and resell the product.

*The Merchandising Marketplace is an online platform in development and will be launched in November 2022.

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ANC Merchandise Vendors

ANC Merchandise Vendors

Vendors @ 55th ANC National Conference

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